Eric Church’s Unlikely Role In Jurassic World

Actor Chris Pratt Find Peace Songwriter “dark side”

There is a great song Outsiders Eric Church’s album called “dark side”.

He wrote with Travis Meadows and Jeremy Spillman. It is one of those ballads that haunt all can relate to: how is probably done some things you’re not proud, so try to keep it secret.

Pratt told GQ one of the ways you have already received the character for this new film was listening to that song a church and another. His mantra before his scenes was, “core flow without TC, volume up point five, Eric Church.”

The part of the mantra Church reminded Pratt on his own dark side, with lyrics like: “I have a wife and have a child who does not know half the things I’ve done / and I pray that’s the way it is maintained / and that’s why my dark side do not ever see the light of day.”

Fun fact about Pratt: There always seems to be an element of music in their leading roles. Especially on television. His character Parks and Recreation Shine Andy Dwyer was a singer on the side, and when he was on The OC, played Che, who liked to play the guitar naked Summer (Rachel Bilson).


Rascal Flatts, Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean And More To Play CMA Music Festival

NASHVILLE, Team: – CMA Music Festival announced today that country music superstars Rascal Flatts (which includes Joe Don Rooney of Picher), Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Brett Eldredge, Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt, Alan Jackson , Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Neal McCoy, Oak Ridge Boys, Brad Paisley, Thomas Rhett, Darius Rucker, Cole Swindell, The Band Perry, Keith Urban, Wynonna & The Big Noise and Zac Brown Band will each take the stage during this Nightly Summer Concerts at LP Field.

The 2015 CMA Music Festival takes place Thursday, June 11 to Sunday June 14 in downtown Nashville, according to a press release.

eric church

“CMA Music Festival is all about the fan experience,” said Country Music Association CEO Sarah Trahern in the statement. “Our fans LP Field tickets sold at a record pace, and we wanted to reward loyalty to share this exciting lineup with them for the first time this morning.”

While the relationship between artists and fans is the basis for the event, CMA Music Festival benefits music education programs for needy children. This morning, Thomas Rhett welcomed guests at the Theatre Nashville kids for a performance of “Jack Story: A Mythic Mountain Musical”, which was funded by a $ 10,000 grant from the Foundation of the CMA 2014 CMA Music Festival. Threats of snow in Nashville prevented a majority of students attend but warmly greeted the enthusiastic crowd.

“When I was little, I was in a play called ‘Christmas Carol’. I was Scrooge,” Thomas Rhett told the crowd of students filled. “Music education was very important to me, and today was a good reminder of how clean it is to see the band of country music community together to help give back to you via CMA Fest.”

The CMA Foundation presents grants on behalf of the artists who perform at CMA Music Festival each year for free and donated more than $ 11 million for music education initiatives nationwide since 2006.

Tickets for the evening concerts at LP Field sold out in November. Across the river from the stadium, many choices of free and inexpensive entertainment will be offered to fans around downtown Nashville as part of the CMA Music Festival. Seven stages of free entertainment give fans the opportunity to choose their musical adventure, including the popular Chevrolet Riverfront Stage, which constantly fills the banks of the Cumberland River each of the four days.

AT & T U-verse X Fan Fair at the Music City Center moves the party CMA Music Festival inside, with musical performances on three stages, the artist interactions, meet and greet, shopping and other unique experiences of the fans. Tickets to AT & T U-verse Fan Fair X are now available in (AT & T U-verse X Fan Fair admission is included in four days CMA Music Festival tickets). Tickets AT & T U-verse X Fan Fair are $ 10 per day or $ 25 for a four-day pass.

The evening concerts will be recorded for a three-hour primetime special issue later this summer on ABC.

Eric Church Balancing Grammy Awards With Baby’s Due Date

With four nominations, Eric Church has a very good chance of bringing home a Grammy in February 8. But cannot get to Los Angeles when his wife gets early delivery.
eric church

Katherine should be delivered the following week, but she still wants to fly to the show. They are trying to solve it, but even if they are in the same city, an early arrival complicate things.

“It is bad both ways,” says the Tennessean Church. “If she goes into labor at the Grammys, which will be interesting for us all night. I told him if we could do the day after the Grammys we’re good.”

As for the proposals of the Church, which is nominated for Best Country Album (‘The Outsiders’), Best Country Song (‘ Give Me Back My Hometown “), Best Country Solo Performance (” Give Me Back My Hometown “) and best Country Duo / Group Performance (‘Raise’ Em Up “with Keith Urban). He also performed.

Eric Church, Dierks Bentley And More Share Their NYE Hangover Cure

If anyone knows how to have fun, we are the people of the country!

From all of us will probably nursing a hangover on New Year, we estimate that we will let you in on some of your favorite stars of the countries’ best kept secrets surf through Capitol Records Nashville.
2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - Show

Canaan Smith:
“There is no cure for hangovers. The older I get, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. What am I thinking?” It’s terrible. Hangovers are horrible. Tequila is the worst. I try to stay away from Tequila, because it hurts badly. I used to be a type of whiskey – I’m still from time to time, but in recent times, am, American domestic beer just – just something light and tasty. Vaccines are my worst enemy. When I start working shots in the table, when I know I will hurt the next morning. I just try to keep it the same, in the case of whiskey or beer or whatever, I just stick with the same drink all night, you know? ”

Dierks Bentley:
“I think the first of January is universally accepted as a dog. So I mean, a little hair of the dog, I guess. But just … the water and stay on the couch, I guess. There is no real cure for that infallible “.

Eric Church:
“The best cure for a hangover – I have two one is 5-Hour Energy [bottles] because of all the B vitamins that are in it you can start hitting those, and it’s either going to work or going to… Keep the reader and prolong their misery But the one that I have is just take two Advil and a beer in the morning Hair of the Dog, man -… It works every time. ”

Jon Pardi:
“My hangover cure is Bloody Marys, but be careful, because once you have a couple, do not go to beer. Because, if you go to beer, going to start drinking again and end up a drunk tomorrow. Or. .. If you want to go the route without alcohol, there is nothing you can do for hangovers. You just have to go far with him. ”

Kacey Musgraves:
“Coconut water is a major help with hangovers and often go and eat Vietnamese fuh. It is a soup, and has this amazing broth. You can get different things on it or whatever, but for some reason, it’s like … it’s almost like a chicken soup with noodles kind of an idea, you know, but it’s good. That’s good for hangovers too. That, sleep, Tylenol, coconut water and only water in general. And when you are drinking, have your alcohol, drink some water, drink more alcohol, and drink some water. “

Eric Church Announces Nashville Concert

Eric Church fans can pick up an extra half stuffer Friday – singer “Talladega” announced a concert on January 10 at the Bridgestone Arena. Tickets for his “The Outsiders World Tour” will go on sale 10 am Friday through Ticketmaster.


Hard rock band Halestorm will open the show.

The tour has a 360 degrees with 10 sites microphones to help the Church to make the sand feels like a club, where he launched his career.

Tickets are $ 24- $ 69.50 plus fees and a limited number of VIP seats will be available. These tickets include premium seating a limited edition poster and an invitation to a party pre-show which will feature brief acoustic performance of the church.

To purchase tickets, visit, or

Cross Country

In July, Nielsen SoundScan released its sales figures by mid-year. The best selling 2.7 million records, the album was the soundtrack to the animated film “Frozen”. Second, selling nearly two million fewer copies was self-titled album Beyoncé. Third, it is not far behind, Eric Church was “The Outsiders,” released in February. At No. 7 was “Crash My Party.”


Luke Bryan If you read about all the mainstream press, or independent survey websites like Pitchfork, or if you’re just out of touch with the movements of pop stars Nashville, you could be forgiven for not knowing who these guys are. Bryan and Church are both pushing forty, and have released five albums each. They are neither teenagers nor grizzled veterans, but they are perfect examples of how Nashville has built a model for the pop song, with its verse-chorus-bridge architecture standard, which has lasted longer than the other genres that have traditionally used the form.

Until recently, country music was seen as the music stylistically retrograde-conservative conservative states. But the truth is more complicated. In the nineties, Garth Brooks was mixing stadium rock songs in their country. He was also singing about gay rights, something that took a Top Ten rapper to do two decades.

In 2000, when pop stars were unlikely to write songs about domestic violence, the Dixie Chicks Top Twenty scored a hit with “Goodbye Earl,” a cheerfully ruthless narrative about two friends who poison an abusive husband. And Taylor Swift is one of many artists from the countries that incorporate caps hip-hop and R & B in their live performances, a favor which is often not returned by their peers in other genres. Country refuses to die because it is not particularly specialized-that is an ecumenical church that supports all stakeholders.

Church and Bryan, like almost everyone under forty who currently works in Nashville, only a few items need to be noted that countries before they are other things: one, half vowel accent, South trend and a emphasis on realistic narrative. Acoustic guitars are common in the catalogs of both artists, but not more than the work of many indie-rock musicians. When Eric Church Talladega sings about in the song of the same name, “The Outsiders,” which could confirm the idea that the country is destined to Nascar Nation.

The song mentions whiskey and one of the most famous race tracks of Nascar, and has a nostalgia for the recent past that seems endemic in the country: “We laugh and live, drink and wishing and thinking, as the checkered flag waved, insurance would like to stay in Talladega “But music is both classic rock and country.; several solos are hidden behind even tenor of the Church.

The title track reveals how porous the borders between countries and genders are incorporating. The song opens with finger-picked guitar arpeggios that sound more like Dire Straits Mark Knopfler who like the crack of a traditional flat picking guitar player disk. Several waves of majestic hitting guitar chords and choruses of “oooh ooh Whooah” gathered monitoring. The music is not completely aligned with lyrics like “Our women are hot, and when our skin is stained saddle and rode in the pouring rain. We are the junkyard that stray cats are dogs; keep the wind at our front, and hell in the back.

“Melody feels more like” We Will Rock You “than Johnny Cash. Around 3’15 “, there is an instrumental part two bars face off against one another, it could have been raised from the progressive rock band Yes, and then the song builds to a crescendo that jumps forward a decade, sounding like a bridge early Metallica record. Cowboy hats have become camouflage. Whatever, more or less, you can go on a country album if you play well and do not use abstract images.

Bryan and Church are two star-type normal intermittently scruffy and not given to a stage of signature or video equipment. Church is more complex narrative material, while Bryan sticks to tales of the good life that rest comfortably in an album titled “Crash My Party.” One of the songs emotionally shadier Church’s “Homeboy” (2011).

Accompanied largely by acoustic guitars, leaving mostly bravado aside, the Church sings to a family member who seems to be culturally mixed up: “You were too bad for a small town square with his hat hip-hop and pants on the floor “the skirts of characters with the law, while the Church plays in the title word and sings the praises of a traditional life problem.” is no shame in forty workers, house, toddlers, little story of small town. If you ever do anything for me, do it for me, brother-let’s go home, boy.

“Their main argument is” we both know who you are. “If this sounds vaguely conservative or even a bit racist, it is impressive that the Church sings about the clash of cultures at all. His tendency to discuss domesticity and the family unit does not exclude all variations of these options may incur, giving his version of a more comprehensive social country look that many expect. In Nashville, at its best, observation trumps preaching.

Bryan’s new single is especially free in style-the song could have bounced between Atlanta and New York conference before returning to Music Row. “Roller Coaster” on a summer adventure, is a degree of regional inflection removed to be a hit for almost any pop star: One Direction, P nk, Bruno Mars. The chorus ends with a classic explainer Nashville, making sure no loose metaphors is released into the world. “I have known that kind of feeling would last longer than that week not impressed and hardly breathing He arrived on Sunday, and that’s .

Now she’s got me twisted like an old rollercoaster beach “Bryan sings higher and with less accent Church.; in “Roller Coaster”, composers Michael Carter and Cole Swindell leaving the commercial target of making a song that suits a video of attractive young contemporaries, but it works, when heard and not seen as the kind of nostalgia that could be about 1969 summer as easily as on 2014.

Eric Church On Scalpers, Bro-Country And Blake Shelton Scandal

Read highlights of the interviews behind our cover story, on stands now

Eric Church shares the cover of the first issue, Rolling Stone Country (on shelves now) with Miranda Lambert, openness about almost being arrested at the ACM Awards, getting pranked by Brad Paisley, Bruce Springsteen met and becoming a father. But there is much more that could not fit into the story – so here’s the rebel Nashville on everything from your attitude and you’re writing process to faux scandals Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift:

Everyone told the chief was the greatest record ever do. [They said] “Even reenter never beat that.” I used a lot of that as fuel: “Okay, motherfuckers know me you think this is all, but can be much more creative, we can be much more out there.” And I saw other artists trying to follow what we were doing. I thought that after the record head, which stopped in the middle and I became one of the guys that were the focus of the format. And I hated that, because I feel that we did our best work from the outside of it. With the title of the album and we were trying to do, I wanted to go there. And I think, musically, I got there.

The stigma is that the country is not cool. That is wrong. Country is very cool. I watch award shows, I watch country represents. Country is represented with an asterisk. We have to do collaborations. We have to make a tribute. We cannot make ourselves. Country music right now is the most popular format in America. The most popular! Look entries, you can see on album sales, which is the format.

It is feeling good. It is a bit shallower than it was a few years ago -. “Let us drink, forget our worries, beach bonfire Lake” is When something works, everyone falls into a pattern. One thing I miss is turning on the radio and I only have one song punch in the stomach and, as a composer, I call my ass. And I think it could use more of that.

“Guys like Me” [off 2006 LP Church Sinners like me] have a guy who drinks too many beers. That was before anyone had ever put beer and truck related songs. Now, it’s in every song. That song was never just gone Top 10 Top 20 This is because it was too driven guy -… That kind of wine country during period “soccer mom”. There were no men in country music at the time in the world of radio, and suffered. And it’s funny now to look that song; every song is much like now.

What I like to get out on the sands, an hour before the doors and run the competition. And you get that anticipation. You smell like popcorn. You see people tapping the barrels. And no one is still there but you, but you feel. It’s my favorite thing in the tour.

It drives me fucking crazy. For our [next] Minneapolis show, 900 tickets that scalpers were identified. The building went back and looked and found that deep, 200 tickets went back to a credit card. So when they realized that they had already sold a lot of tickets for fans of the astronomical prices. And we decided just to go and cancel and let the fans know and start over.

It is a systemic problem with the music, it really is. Right now, in Omaha, you can get Ticket Exchange and pay $ 200 for any ticket you want in Omaha. Not true. They are taking the money and are not even for sale. There are no tickets on sale yet. [Note: This interview was conducted before the tickets went on events.] Do not really have them – they are promising that can get them.

It’s a fucking scam is what it is. It is the mafia. The price of some entries in Minneapolis right now is $ 1,200, and the price for Madison Square Garden is $ 800. This is stupid. Not until solveable illegal. If an amateur contacting at 10 am has the same opportunity as a reseller you get in at 10 am, I’m fine. The problem I have is that resellers have a bazillion people who work for them. And have those robots that scan. So it’s not fair.

Eric Church Brings His Own Surprise Performer To Star-Packed CMT Awards

Most artists promote their latest single awards. No Eric Church. Mainstream country hardest rocker is taking a different approach.

Church invited Lzzy Hale of Halestorm to appear with him on Wednesday night at the CMT Music Awards for a performance of the album track “Damn That’s Rock & Roll” – not his current single or recent No. 1 hit.


” I think it’s an opportunity to do something that is not normally going to do and let him live in that space forever,” Church said. “That’s what I like about them. You can do it once and get the maximum amount of the eyes and goes to live performance as his show forever. Makes sense to do something different. ”

Along with hard- rock mash -up of the Church, Jason Derulo will join Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and unnamed guest to start the show CMT Music Awards, airing live from the Bridgestone Arena in music Network (20:00 EDT).

John Legend will join Jennifer Nettles and Hunter Hayes to perform their No. 1 hit “All of Me” , along with other examples of popular culture cross-pollination .

Miranda Lambert leads all nominees with six, followed by Bryan and FGL with five each, and Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, at four.

While the fans – voted CMT Awards aim to celebrate the genre of country, have been in the field of rock , rap and R & B stars , many of whom , like Lionel Richie, Neil Young, Fall Out Boy, Jason Mraz and OneRepublic all got nominations with major country stars .

That’s also why Hale is on the show. Infatuation with other genres of Country has accelerated in recent years, and the Church has been especially forceful in pushing the limits. “That’s Damn Rock & Roll” is one of the songs from his new album, “The Outsiders ,” which shows the Church seeks the edge of what most fans are willing to accept .

“Honestly I think the industry in general – the rock industry , country , whatever gender you take a fancy to – I think it needs more people like that,” Hale said. “Most people who take risks and are, for lack of a better term, a tough guy and not necessarily directly from the rules is needed. Crossing limits, crossing a few lines of gender. ”

Church said Hale is one of their favorite singers and their music fits with yours. That’s why he invited Hale and Grammy -winning band on tour this summer. Most of this came from nowhere to Hale, who had not complied with the Church until the tests this week.

“I’m kind of what my friend’s call an ambassador of country rock,” Hale said with a laugh.

Eric Church Announces Van Andel Arena Date On 2014 Tour

Eric Church performs at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in April 2014.


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Country star Eric Church announced a handful of new shows this week, including an October 9, 2014, stop at Van Andel Arena.

Sale dates and ticket prices have not yet been released. Opening acts will Dwight Yoakam and Osborne Brothers, according to the official website of the Church.

Church is riding the success of a couple of recent hit singles, “The Outsiders” and “Give Me Back My Hometown”, both of which broke the top 10 at country radio. They are taken from their new album, “The Outsiders,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart in February.

The singer has sold over three million albums in the U.S., on the strength of numerous country radio hits. Her biggest songs include ” Springsteen “and” drink in hand.” Church led the B -93 Birthday Bash in Martin in 2011.

Eric Church At Stagecoach: ‘I’m Just Trying To Have Some Fun’

Fans of Eric Church on Stagecoach – the country music festival three days in Indio, California – a gift got lucky when he played a long solid set , you saw this ” test [ing ] some things “ during his Friday night as head spot poster.

2014 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival - Day 1

Outsiders Church recently announced World Tour, but this show Stagecoach was an opportunity for him in front of a large crowd U.S. and mixing new songs with more familiar materials.
“I’m just trying to have some fun and try some things out,” he told the Riverside Church, California KFRG station. “Right now is a bit of an exploration process. Going to go out there and see what happens.”
He is also playing with the rhythm of the series – the emotional ups and downs. “The best shows that these moods have those peaks, I have those valleys – should be a show,” he said.
Despite the wind picking up and the weather getting colder, Church still put on an amazing show. See the song list below.
Stagecoach Festival shows can be a challenge for artists, because often members of the public are more interested in socializing and drinking than paying attention to the act on stage.

This was not the case of the night: For example, it felt like everyone in the crowd of more than 75,000 sang along with the latest single from the “Give Me Back My Hometown” Church.
The audience loved hits like “drink in hand “, “Homeboy” and the title track to his album of sinners like me. It also included some songs from his new album The Outsiders.
KFRG Church said he “always” mix old material and new in their live performances. “I’m still so proud of sinners as I like the music album out,” he said.

2014 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival - Day 1

Eric Church in Stagecoach (Photo by Christopher Polk / Getty Images for Stagecoach)
His 2012 single “Springsteen “ occurred last a whole. The wind had really started picking up at this point and was definitely getting cold. However, anyone who left early missed out on a fabulous show.

Eric Church Stagecoach setlist:
Damn That’s Rock & Roll
a cold
Give me back My Hometown
Guys like Me
Sinners like Me
Cup in hand
I’m Getting Stoned
Jack Daniels
Like Jesus’
The Outsiders
These boots
Hungover Hard Up